Me with Debbie at Clayhithe six years earlier!

The cruise down The Wissey to Hilgay for some shopping and then downstream to Denver Sluice for an early lunch at the pub and then to stop at Ely for supplies before finally up the River Cam to The Bridge Hotel at Clayhithe where I took Di to dinner and saw leading Tory Geoffrey Archer and family who were also dining there. Chancellor Lawson is upset today as Thatcher appoints a financial advisor and stock markets fall as interest rates rise, there are more Iran/Iraq clashes today despite the supposed ceasefire and thankfully the government is defeated twich in the Lords over charges for eye sights and dental checks.

A rather worrying night. Poor Della had some sort of earache and a complex about wanting to be back, ‘in our proper house’. She awoke crying about four times and both Di and I tried to pacify her until we gave her some paracetamol and a hot water bottle to go in her favourite cuddly rabbit cover. We laid in a while this morning and then I got up first, boiled the kettle, put on the boat heating and then made Diana some coffee. Made myself tea as well and followed Di into the washroom to get washed and dressed. I was then most put out that the family sat down to breakfast before I had come to the table – after I had made the morning drinks as well! This ‘contretemps was to set a cloud over the rest of the day, as I was most put out. I quickly cast off from the bushes and cruised off down the Wissey until we came to Hilgay and I moored up for a while there, so we could get some fuel for Daniel’s boat and some provisions from the nearest shop. Onward to the mouth of the Wissey and then downstream to Denver to tie up at the Denver Arms a little early for lunch.

We tried to walk to Denver village and windmill but found them too far away and so had to give up this time. Then we came back to the pub for a nice lunch and set off – this time upstream passed Littleport and Ely. We stopped at Ely for diesel, water and milk and Diana & Daniel were adamant we should call it a day, but I insisted on pressing on to Popes Corner and up the Cam to Clayhithe, where we moored for the night at the Bridge Hotel. The children to bed in the care of Daniel, showers for all three of us, and then I took Di for a nice meal in the Bridge Hotel restaurant, with us dressed up for the occasion. Once back on board, I did a little fishing. There was plenty of Rudd splashing around, but the long weeds made it all but impossible to fish effectively in the falling light. There was something of a commotion tonight. I had inadvertently left the shower tap on and the push chair and towels got wet when the pump was next switched on. Went in at dusk and sorted everything out and then wrote up my journal, as Daniel watched a murder thriller on TV and Di had an early night. Interesting that Mr Geoffrey Archer (the novelist and former Tory party Chairman) brought his wife and young family to the pub gardens this evening. News today is of bumpier economic news. Thatcher appoints a financial advisor and upsets Chancellor Lawson, who now seems to be slipping steadily out of favour. Interest rates have risen by another ½ point again and the stock markets are falling. Despite Iran’s statement in acceptance of a ceasefire, there have been Iran/Iraq air clashes today, within 24 hours of the declared ceasefire. Yesterday’s euphoria has thus been cooled! The Government has suffered two serious defeats in the House of Lords over moves to introduce charges for dental and optical checks. More prison unrest and inmates ‘on the roof’ in Scotland.