The Old Pathfinder House prior to demolition

Working on my Little Paxton history of windmills and watermills chapter, combining them all together, on a close and muggy day, as I also watched England lose the test match against the West Indies on TV and then making a big contribution to the environmental services committee meeting this evening much to the annoyance of chairman Councillor Mrs Beddows but to good effect. The BBC can now report on government secrecy, the EC rules that VAT applies to commercial property and the TUC and EETPU are falling out over non-strike agreements.

A good day working on the Samuel Jones documentation archives and witnessing the closing overs in the England vs West Indies test match on TV. Despite the best efforts of our tail-end batsmen, the endeavour came far too late and we lost by 160 runs. Lunch of salad and then this afternoon updating my history chapter on Riversfield and the Paper Mill. I have decided to widen it to include the corn, water and windmills all together. This evening was my first Environmental Services Committee at Pathfinder House and I got there in reasonable time and made an active (some would say a dominant) input to the meetings deliberations. I spoke out against the plans of NIREX for nuclear waste disposal, supported the continued existence of Papworth in-situ, rather than have it moved, pleaded the case of paid collection by the council of garden waste (which they supported), voiced concern over the sewage and road agency programmes and generally chirped up at every opportunity. Chairman Cllr Mrs Beddows was a bit grumpy with me, but the meeting was successful and still ended by 9.30pm.

Home via Mike Pope’s house to drop off his file and only had time to have my night time drink before bed. It has been very hot and sticky these last two days and I have been grateful for our large French windows and through draught, as I know that other people have had trouble in sleeping. The news today is of the end of the world economic summit. Many trumpets being blown, but little of substance to report. The government’s Treasury Solicitor has given way, so that the BBC can lift the injunction preventing broadcasting of a radio programme on secrecy. The EEC has ruled that VAT must be levied on commercial property and the City of London is up in arms, as financial services are zero rated and so the money cannot be recovered. Nick Faldo of England just fails to defeat American, Curtis Strange, in the US Open Golf Championship to complete a double of the UK and US titles. The TUC and Electricians Union, the EETPU, are falling out over ‘non-strike’ union agreements and employer negotiations for green field sites and the outcome will be the EETPU leaving the fold.