The port side of Marchioness, showing the point of the second impact from Bowbelle. The wooden planking on top was the floor of the upper saloon, which was ripped off by Bowbelle's anchor

Our swimming pool was a blessing later on a very hot and sunny day but I did my chores this morning, cut the games lawn and then helped move Daniel’s speedboat and dinghy before insisting that he cleaned the Range Rover. Later with Debbie to the riding stables to get her started after some time away from Sundance and then a short cruise on The Lady for all this afternoon before the swimming pool and an outside barbecue.

The tragedy of a Thames passenger Marshioness boat sinking in collision with a dredger today with many passengers lost

A very hot and sunny day. Even in the shade and with the breeze, the air became hotter as the day went on and we were only saved by the use of our swimming pool. This meant a slow start to the day as we let the children lay in with Daniel was the last up after his week of little sleep on the narrow boating holiday.

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I did my chores this morning – tending fish, birds and plants – and then opted to spend the day on outdoor activities. First to cut the games lawn grass but only after I had mended the multibladed mower – Pete seems hopeless at looking after the equipment. Once Daniel was up, we moved the speedboat down onto the slipway from our drive and then put the Mariner engine on it from the Little Lady.

We also got the dinghy out of the garage and onto the river as well. I insisted that Daniel cleaned the Range Rover today, as it had not been done for some time. Later this morning, I took Debbie off to the riding stables and helped to get her started with Sundance after a while away from him. I returned after lunch to get her and she was hot, exhausted and upset that I was late. I took the family for a short cruise on The Lady after lunch, which was nice on such a hot day and, after a swim in the pool, I lit the barbecue and we all had our tea of sausages and hamburgers outside.

This evening, I cleared out the rest of the rubbish from the outer garage and got both the Escort and Range Rover inside. Then I got the Rolls-Royce out, pumped up its tyres, and wipe the dust and grime off with a damp chamois leather until it got dark. Quite a useful day, really, for both Daniel and I, but we were dog tired at the end of it.

The news today is of a collision between a Thames passenger boat and the large dredger with the former, the Marchioness, being holed and sunk. Many passengers are lost and feared dead and there is much recrimination, even though the last such accident was a hundred years ago.