Lunch and a rest at the café in Wroxham reading the EDP

Tired after the last two days, I still awoke earlier at 8am and started working on the faulty bilge pump lights and then again struggled with the after toilet plumbing until lunch and a rest at the café in Wroxham reading the EDP. The evening making a list and transferring unwanted things from the boat to Heronshaw, starting to clean the saloon carpet there.

Slept even better after the efforts of the last couple of days but awoke slightly earlier on at 8.00am. This day I started working on the faulty bilge pump lights but could make little progress. Then I found that the aft toilet was filling with water and overflowing into the holding tank, so I tried to empty the tank through the macerator. No luck as the pipe leaked and soon the task became hopeless unless I could get some new hose. Also, I then suspected that the toilet had a faulty valve. At this point, I called a halt and drove into Wroxham, very tired.

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I first had a late lunch at the cafe, resting and reading my favourite "Eastern Daily Press" and then spent time at the chandlers and shops trying to get the spare parts that I wanted. Everybody is very friendly and helpful here but, though I obtained the solder and carpet cleaner, the parts I really wanted were not available. I spent an abortive evening trying to do repairs and then decided to have a clear up, make a list of the things that I needed to do and removed a lot of the junk across to Heronshaw. While I was at it, I took out the saloon carpet and made a first attempt at cleaning it in Heronshaw's lounge where I had the space