Comart payroll and then good Byte Shop Board meeting before group updates later and home to dinner as my cold develops and another dangerous Cold war seems to be brewing

Another freezingly-cold morning as I wrap up and go out to feed and let out the ducks. I am presently trying to feed them morning and night to induce them to return to lay.

On time to the office, first clearing the mail and to sign the Comart payroll before collecting my papers and opening the Byte Shop Board Meeting for business. A good meeting today with excellent news of sales and profits as the Byte Shop affairs have progressed. Lunch as a buffet in accordance with recent practice. We finish the meeting at 4.00pm to allow time to clear our desks and, in my case, agree a couple more job offers and write up the minutes. I stay late to complete the task and also hold meetings with John and, by telephone, with Geoff Lynch.

Home to a heated dinner and cup of tea prepared by Daniel. Diana is still ill and indisposed.

News today of the Russian’s decision to cease arms limitation and deploy more SS20’s. This surely marks the beginning of another dangerous era of cold war. The massive swop is completed between the PLO and Israel who trade 6,000 Palestinian prisoners for 6 Israelis.

The day ends a lot milder than of late and I manage to feed the ducks again in the dark and husband them into the hutch. A xxxx late to bed tired and suffering from a good cold.