Milder and windy day spent managing Comart company PR and London Byte shop personnel priorities as company computer shipments falter and the Byte shop has to make up Group sales and profitability

A tiring day at the end of a tiring week. First to meet MEMC with John and to review the communications audit that is to take place as a necessary prelude to our Public Relations push. Then a couple of frenetic phone calls with The Times journalist Maggie McLenna to try to get her further information on the Careers Office System Project. Unfortunately our contact at the Depart of Employment denied the contract and rested on the formal position which was too neutral to print and I had to fill in the details. After to deal with the mail and then several phone calls with Peter King and Russel Jacques. The London secretary, Jackie, is leaving and arrangements for her departure had proceeded unsatisfactorily without my approval of the exit interview. I summon them both to the office later and make quite a fuss getting the matter resolved to my satisfaction. Disappointing returns today of a miserable £215K of Comart Computer shipments that equates to a £30K loss for the division on the month at least. Better news of a strong Byte Shop performance and the auditors confirm a clean audit for the consolidated group and I expect the typed accounts for Monday.

A milder day with strong winds later as I put away and feed the ducks again. After four feeding sessions, night and morning, for two days we are expecting the ducks to start laying again. To bed as tired as I have been in recent times, looking forward to the weekends rest