Diana much better as I can deal with a range of Comart and Group management issues as the European Space laboratory is launched and Fleet Street talks break down

On time to rise and this morning Diana was able both to prepare breakfast and my daily sandwiches. On time to the office and, having got the mail out of the way, pleased to notice the orders and confirmation in today’s post. Meetings with Colin Newbury, in Ian’s absence, to agree change procedures for new brackets to support the Communicator’s Rodime drive assemblies. Also with John on company product policy and marketing priorities. Derek Weatherby agrees the group’s Annual Accounts with a clean Audit Report and to the renewal with Barclays of our group overdraft facility. With Peter King, the present status of Byte Shop recruitment and vacancies.

News today of a break down in the Fleet Street peace talks. The TUC are discussing whether to support the continued strike tonight whilst talks continue between the NGA and ACAS. People were injured in shooting and bombing incidents in Northern Ireland. At long last, the government have decided to end the optician’s monopoly on the sale of glasses and soon other outlets will be able to supply them. The European space lab was launched today in a US Space Shuttle where 6 men have been launched together for the first time.

The weather today has been dry but cooler and the clear starlight sky this evening suggests a colder night with frost a possibility with fog also forecast