Early poorly-equipped train to London for Micro-Industry network standards cooperation talks and then back for Company Administration share schemes and executive appraisals

Up very early and to St Neots Station to catch the 6.57am London train. A rather sullen station crew open the ticket office late and I suspect that BR motivation is suffering the effects of recent cuts and ‘rationalisations’ of passenger services. A rather poorly-equipped train to London, but comfortable and arriving in time to allow a call to the office before my meeting with John Lamb and Graham Clifton of Transam on networking cooperation. Home by train and in late morning to review the mail and messages back at the office before a hectic afternoon of calls and problems.

Recent Comart press releases had led to major company features in the local newspapers; Hunts Post, Trader, Cambridge Evening News and also the local radio station. The phone hardly stopped ringing with job applicants, suppliers and all else. Late at the office completing Comart Company administration on the share scheme and new bank debentures with recommendations completed. Still all manner of matters outstanding with the Comart Business Plan and Dept. of Ind. discussions uppermost in my mind, with executive appraisals a good second.