Public Relations day of Internal  briefings before The Times Newspaper Interview and photo session, slotting in John Lamb’s appraisal and Barclays Bank securities in between

Up early and to the office to write up a long briefing to Comart Managers and Directors on the facts behind the recent publicity. The idea being to enable them to communicate well with the employees as a whole. A busy morning trying to get together the phone calls and arrangements to allow progress on BMMG and Comart group matters until The Times newspaper photographer arrives at 11.00am. Poorly prepared and unassisted, I nevertheless manage to get some super photographs taken which, if lucky, will appear in a Times personality profile for computer notables.

We’ll see! Lunch-time undertaking John Lamb’s annual review and appraisal. He takes the included constructive criticisms in good grace but a long session remarkably makes me forget all about my sandwiches which are left uneaten. The afternoon dominated by problems with Derek and Barclays Bank over the Securities and Comart Computers. There is no situation likely to aggravate a bank as much as the possibility that their security has been technically lost! Stability by the end of the afternoon. An interesting early evening talking to loitering sales and management staff and find arrangements well made for this weekend’s sales seminar and the service backlogs well down. News today of the world’s stock markets experiencing record levels and recovery being in the air. Also of the pound sterling down to £1.40 again which I think is good news. Explosive finds both sides of the border in Northern Ireland. The family health better and weather stably mild. Late to bed at the end of a shattering week.