Industry Role

Morning making progress on the Comart takeover and this afternoon visiting the DTI in London to discuss the BMMG Network Development plans as the railwaymen plan to strike on Wednesday in support of the Miners

Up, breakfast, and to the office on time but concerned to see some of the others arriving somewhat late. The secretaries continue to bicker at Grove House and seem more concerned about the conditions than getting on with the job. I spend the morning sorting out my BMMG papers and reorganising the filing. I prepare for this afternoon’s meeting and try to contact Nigel Smith and Chris Shelton but the first is unavailable and the second’s phone is out of action. I then concentrate on the Kode takeover and find out from Richard James that the Inland Revenue are replying with a recommendation with regard to section 480 this afternoon and a meeting is planned with Townsends to finish off the contracts. It could therefore be that the signing takes place on Thursday.

To lunch on my sandwiches and then over to the factory to see June Hamilton and John Lamb. June tells us of the problems of providing a relief girl for the holiday period but the sales youngster is despatched to Grove House for the afternoon anyway. I give June the draft press releases and employees announcement letter to type in case they are needed on Thursday. I discuss with John the progress of the business and initial concerns we have for the success of today’s sales meeting at Grove House.

The off my car to Stevenage railway station and by train to London. The tube train then takes me to Victoria and I walk to find the DTI building, 29 Bressenden Place. At last Nigel Smith and Chris Shelton arrive and we enter to have a good meeting with Mr Foote and colleague over the Local Area Network report. After 5.30pm I stay with John Marshall and Nigel at a nearby open air pub to discuss tactics and the futures of Network Development. Then back by train, collecting a Financial Times and Evening Standard to read on the way.

I drop briefly into Grove House to pick up any messages and then arrive home at 8.30pm to watch a documentary on heroin addiction, the news and then to bed. News tonight of the railmen’s decision to hold a one day strike on Wednesday in support of the miners. Also of no agreement yet for Thatcher in the EEC Budget discussions. Lord Carrington takes his place as Secretary General of NATO and everyone thinks he will be a great success. The weather today warm but the fresh air of this morning turns humid this afternoon again.