Multi-user Comart Computers

Sad news of the death of a former employee but we go ahead with a Comart Review meeting and then the same for the Byte Shop whilst the Comart Sale date set for next Tuesday now that  Peter King has signed his contract and we expect tax clearance today.

A hot but windy day, although difficult to get cool air into the meetings I had planned for today. Up early and to the office to prepare for the meetings and make a few phone calls. I establish with Nigel that I am waiting for his latest policy statement before approaching the new potential members. I hear from Peter King that he has met Kode yesterday and signed his contract which completes the minority shareholder and service agreements. Richard James of Ashursts explains that we are expecting the section 460 clearance today and so I resolve to contact him later. Then to Little End Road for the Comart Review Meeting and plans affected by the tragic news today of the death of Melvyn Grey, our former product support engineer, after a prolonged illness and period of unconsciousness.

Then to get down to business and a good meeting but hard work to get a tense team to work together and allow the session to flow. A sandwich lunch in John’s office and then a quick capital approval session and off to Grove House for the Byte Shop Meeting. A more difficult time with legion capital approvals and rather contentious consideration of a plan to install multi-user Comart communicators at all branches. Then an abrupt end to proceedings forced by Peter’s imminent departure on holiday and the intervening reports from the takeover legal meetings.

It transpires that Tuesday will be the signing day with some doubt over a Tuesday or Wednesday announcement. We will all appreciate the relief of the tensions that will occur on that day. Home to a salad tea and then a walk with Diana around Little Paxton before settling down to watch television with Daniel.

News today of an eventual and uneasy agreement between Thatcher and the other European heads of governments.