The report today paved the way for this first pressurised water-cooled nuclear reactor to be built as Sizewell B

Some time with the family with their ‘homework’ on a dull and murky day, spending lunchtime together in St Neots after I had chased the photographers about my precious copies of photographs and stocked up with stationery at Clover. Back to work on the Little Paxton Scrapbook all afternoon before hearing of the results of the Sizewell B Nuclear Enquiry, the longest in history, which will now allow the project to proceed. The BT engineer’s strike starts to bite, Special Branch officers continue to hound those involved over the Spy Satellite revelation, and Iranian forces are within a few miles of Basra with huge casualties claimed on both sides

Slept well enough after a late start and was deep in the land of ‘nod’ when awoken to my morning tea. Up to shower and shave and then across and down to the kitchen, opening curtains, switching off lights and generally checking on how the children had left their rooms. Di had left the light on in her ironing room all night! A breakfast of wheat flakes and apple juice. We are getting more and more interested in the type of ‘E’ numbers, or additives, in our food and will be the healthier, I am sure, for avoiding the unhealthy ones. Dressed in my old sports jacket & trousers today and went with Di and Della into St Neots for once. Had a drink at Tooks bakers (Di got my coffee free with theirs by using a voucher) and then I tackled the photographer and office stationers, whilst Diana took Della around the shops. I worry more and more about Howard Photographics, they are turning people away for photocopying and film developing and seem to be going out of business. Not very encouraging, when I am trusting them with precious old photos!

Got some new folders and things from Clover Office Supplies, for storing my cuttings and other information safely and then met Diana back at the car for the trip home. A little time back at my work before lunch and then the rest of the day completing another 10 pages of typing, which is becoming very wearisome! In mid-afternoon, a break to feed the ducks and doves and then, after tea, more interruptions by Daniel and Debbie, as I have to help them with their ‘homework’. Poor Dan is out of salts today and couldn’t do a thing right, Deb was better and Daniella was just about better in behaviour for once. The day was very dull and of low visibility across the valley. It also spotted with rain from time to time, but not very much, and it is still milder than of late. The news today is of the report on the Sizewell nuclear enquiry, the longest in history, and the fact that the government will give the go ahead. It will be the first of a series of American-designed, pressurised-water reactors, which is cheaper. Opposition and environmental spokesmen are very much against the conclusions and say they are out of date, as the report took no account of Chernobyl. In fact, the Labour Party and Alliance will cancel the project if returned to power in a general election. The Home Secretary, Douglas Hurd, turned down opposition calls for an independent enquiry into the Wapping violence. The British Telecom telephone dispute has started to bite, with an exchange at Rotherham out of action and more fault backlogs in West Cornwall. After two hours of talks in London, there is no settlement in the dispute, and there has been signs of sabotage from either the workers or their sympathisers. The Alliance has launched a policy document and adopted a new campaign colour, gold. Special Branch officers are still searching the offices of the New Statesmen and journalist. They keep returning and harassing the parties and seem to be trying to find information for tomorrows House of Commons debate. Mass demonstrations in the Philippines are blessed by Cory Aquino, the President, and troops kept out of the way. Iranian forces are within a few miles of Basra and claim to have killed 3 battalions of Iraq soldiers, but Iraq, in turn, claim that they have pushed Iranian forces back. England have lost the latest