Attempted coup in The Philippines by followers of ex-president Marcos foiled today

To Cambridge on a cold day after near freezing temperatures overnight for coffee with Di’s parents, to sign papers with Vinters concerning my Linton Lordships and to visit Marshalls to see a new Daimler that we are buying overcoming problems with the children. Elsewhere, Gorbachev denounced predecessor Brezhnev for secrecy and corruption, worries grow about Terry Waite after 11 more hostages are taken and nothing is heard from him, a pro-Marcos rebellion in the Philippines has been crushed and a confused US staff leaks contradicting content of President Reagan’s ‘State of the Union’ speech.

A poor night, feeling too warm and having to get up several times during the course of it. Was very much asleep when called with my morning tea and so sat groggily and listened to the radio for a while. Up, showered, shaved and also washed my hair, before dressing for breakfast in my sports jacket and trousers. Prepared a few things and then, once Di had returned from taking Debbie to school, we set off in the Range Rover for Cambridge. Sped to the round church car park and got to Eaden Lilleys in good time to have a drink of coffee with Di’s Mum and Dad. We raised the question of Mr Jackson’s forthcoming 70th birthday and agreed that we will take them both out for a special meal. Charles has just lost another (half) brother and was buying a black tie in Cambridge today, for the funeral to be held on the south coast later this week.

I had dropped by to Howard’s Photographic in St Neots on the way, to give them the Paper Mill photos for reproduction. In Cambridge, I collected two boxes of diskettes for my computer, and another ribbon, and some more stationery. Also dropped in at Vinters to give them the signed document to acquire the Lordship of the Lintons. I received a letter from Manorial Research today and it seems that my asking terms to sell the titles has not been ruled out of order. Once finished, we met early at the car and then drove to Marshalls to see a new Daimler, our one will be of registration D90 ____ and should be ready in two/three weeks time. They are very smart. Home for an afternoon and evening and nearly finished my transcription. Problems with Debbie at the moment, as she will not eat proper meals, and with Daniel, who keeps forgetting things. Poor Di is taking it all a bit hard, but we shall be OK. The news in the USSR is of Mr Gorbachev denouncing the former leader, Leonid Brezhnev, and the regime that combined corruption with inefficiency. He is still pushing for secret ballots for party office elections, amongst other reforms. There are growing fears for the safety of the envoy, Terry Waite, after there has been no contact with the Archbishop of Canterbury’s representative since he went to see the terrorists to try to release hostages. Now, a total of eleven more hostages have been taken in the last fortnight. There was a government denial in the Commons that a letter was sent from Attorney General, Sir Michael Havers, to journalist, Duncan Campbell, agreeing to take part in his programme. Labour’s Robin Cook still claims that a government minister sent such a letter. The difficult debate ends with a government concession to allow the decision (to ban a screening of the banned film) to be reviewed by a committee. There has been unrest in the Philippines and a coup has been crushed. 400 rebel soldiers, still loyal to former President Marcos, attempted to seize four military camps and three TV stations. 100 still control a TV station, but are surrounded by 1000 government forces. The Manchester police chief, James Anderton, has agreed to curb his public comments and he is reconciled with his police committee for the time being. The US President Reagan is on the eve of his ‘State of the Union’ speech and there seems to be a disorganised preparation, with conflicting and changing drafts being leaked to the press by a confused staff. A colder day today, after near freezing temperatures overnight, and I lit a fire to work in front of today and enjoyed it.