Wednesday 17th January 1990

I made an effort for an earlier start today and then sat in the conservatory reviewing my mail and papers whilst tending the fish and plants. Some organising of my new boat equipment with commissioning details now to hand for my new charging system. I was also in contact with the former owner and will meet up with him over Easter.

This afternoon delivering some letters, shopping and comparing building society interest rates and also buying some electrical accessories. Then a Southoe Parish Council meeting this evening with a number of matters to discuss. Ambulance coverage deteriorates even further with many more stations withdrawing coverage and industrial trouble elsewhere with Ford and British Aerospace affected

Was still awake for some of the night but eventually slept well and made a big effort to get up at 7.15am to shower and dress in time for breakfast. Even so, I was still late, but Della was even later and had quite a lay in. This morning, I went through the papers and mail and then tended the fish and plants in the conservatory. I decided to reset the security lights and re-commission them now that the time switches were back from the Christmas outside display light use and that took some time. I was pleased, at long last, to get return calls on my boating problems. I first heard from Jim Cole with the response to my letter. He is putting the list of the craft's equipment into the post which I need. The I heard from Cetrek and got the advice I needed with respect to the commissioning of the charging system.

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Tuesday 16th January 1990

After clearing up my office, which had been inundated with paperwork, I spent the day on political moves, agreeing cooperation with Labour and Greens over targeting election wards. In today’s Environmental Services Committee of the District Council I then successfully supporting Labour and back-bench moderate Conservatives to ban stubble burning and out-manoeuvred Leader Cllr Holley by using points of order thus dividing his members. A sad tale from Tory reject Cllr Ross McKay as I gave him a lift home.

Racial violence in the Soviet republics of Azerbaijan and Armenia with Moscow sending in 11,000 troops. More job losses in the city and other industrial firms and the stock exchange is falling again. An epidemic of "Mad Cow Disease", BSE.

Another day at home, actioning a variety of matters and starting the process of clearing up my office which had become inundated with paperwork. I had the best filing session for a long while and filled all of the wastepaper baskets. Di went to Sandy and got our dove food at long last and I completed quite a bit of correspondence. I had a call from Mark Slater of the Labour Party who was receptive to my ideas for targeting the seats in a three-way deal with the Greens in the forthcoming District Council Elections and avoiding the danger of cancelling one-another out in our opposition to the Tories. He is also keen on presenting the motion in support of "Parents-against-Smoking" which I had suggested.

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