Sunday 22nd May 1988

My traditional Sunday breakfast enjoyed after a very sound night’s sleep which encouraged me to clean the Range Rover and then start work on the Lady. After this, it was time to set off for Bedford and the church service for Diana’s brother Charles and his wife Chris who had arranged the christening of their baby Natalie in a Greek Orthodox service at a Ukrainian Church! The whole thing was quite unintelligible for non-Greek speakers but I was able to bail out in time for judging the Little Paxton Cub Scout annual kite flying contest on a hot and sunny day with a strengthening breeze helping their efforts. Some time persuading local Cub leaders to try finding a volunteer for an urgent little Paxton need. A change of guard in Hungarian political leadership and another incident of English football hooliganism sees 200 arrested and with it hopes ended of getting English teams back into European club competitions.

Slept very soundly last night and had to be woken this morning. I opted to just shave and dress to do some work this morning, before showering later and it meant that I was on time for my traditional Sunday breakfast. The work was the cleaning of the Range Rover, though I also went and opened up The Lady early and removed the last of the masking tape from screening the paintwork. Felt physically quite tired, but finished the car OK and did some other chores as well. Had my shower and changed later and we locked and alarmed the house and set off for Bedford and the Ukrainian Church! The reason was that they also hold services for the Greek Orthodox religion and Di’s brother Charles and wife Chrisula were having baby Natalie christened there. Arrived at 12.30 and had to sit through half an hour of the last service in Greek, without our hosts wondering if we were at the right place. The whole thing was unintelligible Greek, which did not help. Then an hour of the christening, which, though sprinkled with some English, was an equal trial. I had to bail out at 1.30pm to get to Little Paxton for 2.00pm and the start of the Cub-Scout annual kite-flying contest.

Saturday 21st May 1988

Some work on The Lady today, cleaning it off and painting the cabin roof before and after taking the election flagboards back to Robin Mathew and chatting to him about election tactics. Lunch with the family and mowing the games lawn  in between. Edie Smith is now critical and I further resolved to get the History published whilst ‘my old ladies’ were still around. Thatcher’s tour of Scotland ran into opposition but she was eventually allowed to address the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

Slept much better, although my ‘early night’ turned into an 11.00pm retirement, as normally the case. Awake quite early this morning and had Daniella joining me in bed until Di brought the morning tea. After breakfast, Di decided to go down to Biggleswade (Jordan’s) to get some more wheat flakes and I wondered about going with her, but stayed home instead. It was a lovely sunny day and so I moved The Lady nearer to the path and then wiped clean the superstructure with sponges and detergent. Di took an unduly long time to get back and I was fretting a bit, as I had to take my election flag boards back to Robin Mathew on the Cambridge Road. It was 11.30am before I had loaded up and set off and I got there soon after. Instead of hurrying, I was persuaded to stay and have a cup of tea and I chatted to Robin about election tactics and made myself a bit late. I picked up Daniel from his school bus on the way back and then took the rest of the family to The Beefeater (Bridge Hotel St Neots) for lunch.

Friday May 20th 1988

Another slow start to the day after a very late night as I tried to clear up my office. I organised some flowers for Edie Smith, now in Hinchingbrooke hospital, and dropped in on Vera Ruff and noticed that the British Telecom manhole cover had been repaired as one of my initial triumphs. Thatcher under pressure on economic issues, the Met for fabricating evidence and there is more fighting in the liberal Lebanon between rival Muslim groups, supported by Iran and Syria

After a very late night I was rather groggy this morning and ended up with a headache. I still scanned the FT after coming down late for breakfast and then, after taking two aspirin tablets, I started work in my office by first trying to clear everything up so that I could find that which I needed to do! I eventually tidied my office, got the outstanding papers in files and appointments in the diary. I got Di to send some flowers to Edie Smith at Hinchingbrooke Hospital and she received some herself from the SLD! I had driven out this morning and saw Mrs Ruff on the way and had a chat, then I went up to St James Road to inspect the British Telecom manhole cover and found it repaired, as of yesterday, to a good standard! They had attended the other dodgy one in the High Street and repaired that too! Progress, which is good to see. Di went with her mother to Letchworth today, to see the old ‘Garden City’ and reminisce about old times. I had another call about the playing field vandals, who are driving a neighbour mad with their language and behaviour.

Thursday 19th May 1988

Starting the day by checking on Daniel’s homework and learning that he was volunteering in the Oxfam shop today. Starting files for my District Council business, hosting a photocopier repair engineer and then taking Debbie horse-riding with her friend Amy joining us to watch. This evening attending a Southoe parish council meeting where the chairman had failed to turn up! Roy Jenkins leads a House of Lords rebellion over academic freedom in universities, latest Belfast explosion was from a gas leak and unemployment in Britain has dropped below 2 ½ million for the first time

Awoke early this morning and was showered and shaved well before breakfast for once. I walked across to see Daniel and checked what schoolwork he had done last night and he seems to be diligent at the moment. He was allowed to stay home from school today, being a CCF parade day (the volunteer cadet school activity). He went along to Oxfam in St Neots this afternoon, as usual, and did his voluntary work, which is in lieu. I did some more reading this morning and then emptied a filing trolley full of security alarm equipment and put filing folders in there to take my Council work. Lunch with the family. I also made final arrangements for a Cambs Constabulary visit in June and also wrote a few more letters on Council business. Carried on in this vein this afternoon and took a few more phone calls. The photocopier repair engineer called, but could not fix it and had to take it away.