Wednesday 15th August 1990

After an overnight stay moored on the Town Hall Quay in Great Yarmouth, we had breakfast in Tooks, a visit to the Toll House Museum and then eventually freed ourselves of the sailing yacht moored alongside and cruised upstream under the bridges to arrive in Horning by 5pm. Dan and Gary drove into Norwich and I took Diana and the girls for an evening walk around Horning. 

Saddam announces Iraqi withdrawal from Iranian territory and release of Iranian prisoners of war so as not to be fighting on two fronts. 

We were all a little slow to get up and about on but I enjoyed our awakening with Diana friendly in her sleeping bag for once. We embarked on our normal morning routine for showering with Gary Skinner last and not getting much of the hot water. We then went ashore quite late to Tooks for breakfast after I was delayed half an hour with a very long telephone call from Joan. There were problems at home with both the installation of a new gas boiler by the Gas Board and with the gardener who has not been turning up to do the essential tasks that I had left him. The installation team do not seem to have been very adequately briefed about the new location for the boiler and the controls and one of their operatives also put his foot through the ceiling in the kitchen which was a bit of a trauma!. We eventually enjoyed a nice breakfast and then I let Di go to do some shopping whilst I took the girls to the Tollhouse Museum. They particularly enjoyed the dungeons before we hurried back to the boat for sandwiches aboard with Diana at noon.

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Tuesday 14th August 1990

After Daniel’s friend Gary had joined us aboard, and we all used the Oulton Broad facilities, we set off by bus to Lowestoft for a while. We then returned to the boat and cruised to Great Yarmouth and through the Haven Bridge to moor at High Tide/Slack Water by using Channel 12 to join the craft allowed under.

The boys set off to explore and I took the girls for a walk and then to Joyland as Di was unwell. Sailing yacht Phan Khu came alongside to moor for the night. King Hussein flies to Washington to try to mediate in US/Iraq confrontation. 

We woke up to find that the arrangements had worked out all right with Gary in the Saloon three-quarter birth and he had also actually managed to sleep as a bonus. We all walked across to have baths and showers at the Yacht Station at 8.00am, just after they opened, and Diana managed to use the washing machine there as well. Debbie went out to get some milk and so we could all had breakfast on board. There then followed a bit of a rush to get cleared up and out to catch the bus to Lowestoft. We just made it on time but need not have bothered as the intended bus did not turn up at all! I followed the advice of a local and we crossed the road and caught the open-top bus from the bus-stop opposite which made for a nice journey anyway.

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Monday 13th August 1990

After another night disturbed by the youths on a nearby hire cruiser at Oulton Broad Yacht Station, about which we complained, we set off by taxi for Pleasurewood Hills on yet another hot and sunny day today.

Lowestoft was the warmest place in Britain today at 28degC. Iraqi troops round up US and British citizens from Kuwaiti hotels for transport to Iraq and Jordon's King Hussein meets Sadam Hussein in Baghdad. 

We awoke after yet another disturbed night. This time the culprits were the crew of a nearby hire cruiser who came back drunk at 11.30pm and kept us all awake with their whooping and whistling for another hour or so. I telephoned the hire company and also tackled them direct about their behaviour and so they would feel the results of their actions from next season. I washed on the boat, but the rest of the family had showers and baths at the Yacht Station facilities when they opened at 8.00am. Diana also managed to use the washing machine there for a whitewash.

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Sunday 12th August 1990

From our base in Oulton Broad on another hot and sunny day, we set off for Lowestoft and the seaside after morning coffee at the café. I enjoyed a plate of seafood, the girls the sand and sea and watching Punch and Judy and Daniel and Di just enjoyed the rest and recreation.

Then the Lowestoft Carnival procession was a highlight with its fete on the green. Hussein says he is ready to resolve the crisis if Israel withdraws from occupied territories but Iraq's opponents dismiss the idea as propaganda. 

We woke up to another hot and sunny day but we felt that the coastal breeze was an improvement on Norwich at least. There had been quite a lot of noise last night from the Wherry Pub opposite which had kept us awake until late. Diana was also intrigued by a family row on a nearby boat where a young child was restless in the hot weather. That family were slow to get going this morning and the result was that the planned process of yacht departures was delayed as the boats could not shuffle round until 10.00am. We ended up next to the quay and were therefore able to hook the boat up to the shore-mains electricity and re-charge our batteries to keep the refrigerator going which was a relief.

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