Wednesday 20th September 1989

An early morning to join the family for breakfast and then I settled down at my computer to edit focus copy, we joined by Sally Percy and Michael to sort out the rest of the copy, after which I had to draft my initial reactions to the Huntingdonshire Draft Local Plan to brief Michael before his Town Council meeting tonight. I attended that meeting this evening with the Parish Chairman, but neither of us could speak. Later Diana and the family to the Kimbolton statute fair, where we won a goldfish.

I enjoyed a restful night, but I was still tired when Di woke me up at 7 am with my mug of tea. I forced myself out of bed, to dress and shower so as to arrive at breakfast for 7:30am. The children were quite quiet; Daniel seemed almost groggy as if you been up late to bed but he assured me that he had not. I settled down at my computer and edited and supplemented Sally Guinee’s new Focus copy on campaigns and recycling, which I have dubbed ‘Campaign Corner’. It is quite compelling staff will be read and appreciated.

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Tuesday 19th September 1989

Up early for once on a dry and surprisingly warm day to read my last daily FT and then off to buy swimming pool accessories in Melrose and on to get some toner cartridges re-charged in Cambridge and to buy two folding bikes for the boat. Home via the Little Chef for lunch and then to collect Debbie from Kimbolton to be taught how to exercise Sundance on a lunging rein.

Then a quick shave, change and off to The HDC Environmental Services Committee meeting. Where I had two items of my own on the agenda and then late home to bed. Ferranti are struggling after an unwise US takeover, Ford also interested in a 15 % share in the UK luxury carmaker Jaguar and Hurricane Hugo has left 25 dead and 100,000 homeless in Puerto Rico

A very busy day for which I tried to get up a little early and managed to have breakfast with the others for once. We had the Financial Times newspaper daily for the last time today (as we had ordered The Independent from tomorrow except Saturdays) and so I scanned this edition. Once everybody were ready we then set off out – the children to school and Diana and I to Cambridge. We meant to start the morning in Cambridge, but we had to call at a swimming pool accessories place in Melrose.

Monday 18th September 1989

We were tired when making the early morning delivery of the Range Rover to Sawtry before taking Della to school but, after an hour writing and working on Council matters, I took Di to St Neots for morning coffee and to deliver press releases on re-cycling. Sally and Brian Guinee were around this afternoon working on Focus stories and the girls swam later so I kept the pool heated a little longer.

A 145mph hurricane is causing death and destruction in the Caribbean and an overtime ban by ambulance drivers back home has now led the service being seriously overstretched. The huge oil slick off of Humberside is luckily drifting offshore as the UK is already in trouble with the EU over water quality.

We were both tired at the start of the day as we could choose more sleep. We had to get going early as Diana and I needed to deliver the Range Rover to Sawtry for this week’s body repairs. We got it there by 8:30am and were still in time to drive Della back to Little Paxton school by 9am. I spent an hour thereafter typing and printing out a press release to the local newspapers on the subject of recycling and also my proposals for the HDC Environment Services Committee meeting tomorrow.

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Sunday 17th September 1989

I struggled to wake this morning after retiring day yesterday and on a cool and drizzly day. As Di set off to Cambridge to collect the girls, I worked at home before collecting Debbie from horse riding and paying her riding bills.

A collision between two oil tankers off Humberside left a 140 mi² oil slick and the Labour Party has warned that they would freeze dividends on water shares after privatisation and rigorously regulate all the nationalised utilities.

I slept very well on a night that was cooler and quite drizzly and a day that continued dull and showery.  Before long, it seems that Diana was waking me up having announced that I already enjoyed half an hour’s lay in! I struggled to get up, still quite tired from the exertions and driving of the night before. I was a little late down to breakfast, where there was only Diana and Daniel to join us as the girls were with Mrs Jackson.

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