Friday 16th June 1989

After a book signing and dealing with the aftermath of Daniel missing his school bus, I heard from the Wroxham agent with a new proposal and then drove to Grove house for the official opening of the extension with Sir Anthony Grant with whom I am in a single mind opposing Nicholas Ridley’s ‘A45 village’ development.

A late start and then only just washed and shaved when the visitor called at 9am to get her book signed and dedicated to her husband for Father’s Day. Daniel had missed his bus whilst looking for his calculator, occupying Diana, and so I had to take Della to school. I had an hour or so to work and I received a call from the Wroxham agent with some new concessions including an offer to fund a new and independent valuation to settle the argument. Then I got ready and drove across the village to Grove House, where there was an official opening of the extension in a large company of guests to watch. MP Sir Anthony Grant officiated, and I was next in line of the dignitaries, although I avoided an unseemly rush for the press cameras. I spoke to Sir Anthony there and we had a meeting of minds on local development issues and the need to oppose the ‘A45 village’ proposal for Nicholas Ridley’s development

Thursday 15th June 1989

Awake early on a hot and sunny day to deliver ‘vote today’ leaflets throughout Paxton for today’s Euro elections and then a torrid journey by car in the heat and traffic which made us late for our Wroxham meeting. The surveyors report, discussed with our solicitors, revealed unfavourable moorings leases as well as the over valuation. Home to the riverside peace of Paxton, compared with the bustle of Wroxham, and an informal meeting of Priory Doom, now that the threat of development has been lifted

We were awake early (in my case after a very late night) in order to undertake our trip to Wroxham. I also delivered ‘vote today’ leaflets throughout Paxton to our known supporters to try to boost our support in today’s Euro elections. Then we were delayed as our surveyors report did not arrive in the post. Then a torrid journey by car in the heat and traffic which was delaying our progress. Instead of arriving at 10:30 AM, it was 11:15 AM that we got there and went to see a faxed surveyors report copy and our solicitors. The report made sobering reading in terms of the valuation which was confirmed as only £135,000 versus the hundred and £165,000 asking price. Then the contract of sale also had some problems in it. The moorings lease was rather unfavourable and then the ‘freehold’ of the river frontage actually had a 99-year lease upon it from mooring to another party that needed removal. I decided against going ahead with the purchase at this stage and on those terms.

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Wednesday 14th June 1989

I was late getting going on a hot and humid day and then spending time organising matters before getting The Lady ready for our trip to Norfolk, though it seems that Moore’s will not negotiate the price of Admiral’s Cottage. Debbie has a long doctor’s examination of her hay fever symptoms, but Della is fine. Delivering election leaflets this evening whilst the news is full of industrial unrest and the pound week giving rise to interest rate fears which are even more unsettling for the housing market

 A bit late getting going today after all my activity. When I did, I cleared my office desk and filed some paperwork. Then I cleaned the boat fenders and spoke on the telephone to White Horse Agencies of Wroxham. Moore’s are not willing to move significantly on price and doubt the need for a meeting tomorrow but I insist on one anyway. I also expedited a few other matters, such as getting ponies for the Village Hall fête and boat transport to get The Lady to Norfolk. Diana and I are having second thoughts over the purchase of Admiral’s Cottage in view of the price disagreement in the small chance of using the cottage whilst the hirers have first call. We really prefer to be afloat on the Broads, but we shall see.

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Tuesday 13th June 1989

Resuming work with Diana on The Lady, cleaning the hull as she cleans the cabin roofs and then front and back cabins and then taking Diana to the Little Chef for lunch, after which we bought some fender cleaner and spray for Sundance as well as an automatic hose timer the pond. Also informing my Norfolk estate agent that I was seeking to negotiate the price of Admiral’s cottage. Taking Debbie to the stables later and driving to Cambridge to set up my computer before arriving home late

This morning I resumed work on The Lady. I went around the hull in the dinghy and scrubbed off a great deal of filth so that the boat looked quite nice in the end. Di was out to help me, as she cleaned the cabin roofs and hoovered the back and front cabins. I broke off a little while to make a few telephone calls and arranged to go to Norfolk on Thursday. I explained to the estate agent that I was looking to negotiate the price because the surveyors report had indicated a £135,000 house price valuation.

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