Friday 4th June 1993

Delivery of my new Land Rover Discovery after some delays and trauma as I looked after Sam.

Daniel and his friends arrived to commission the dinghy and stay overnight in Heronshaw so I set to and re-commissioned the plumbing; finding five leaks in the process that were caused by last winter’s frosts.

I was amongst the last to wake again this morning as Diana was up first to make me a cup of tea and let Debbie into the bathroom. Sam woke up early with the family activity and messed his run for the first time this week but, judging by the mixture of polythene bag and wood chippings, it may have been overnight after all. A walk down to the village with him for a newspaper and two bottles of milk and then made slower progress after breakfast as I got together the old Range Rover bits and pieces and had to officiate with a number of fights between my daughters.

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Thursday 3rd June 1993

A fine and sunny day away from the family as they visit the Pleasurewood Hills theme park and I tend to Sam and work on fitting out the Harnser Store Cupboard.

Critics were screaming for the resignation of England football manager, Graham Taylor

Sam had another good night and let me sleep in again this morning. Poor Diana did not sleep so well and complained of me snoring, Della coughing and Debbie acting out vivid dreams! A long walk with Sam around the private roads and then into Horning to get a paper and some milk. Back in time for breakfast at which it was agreed that I would stay at Horning whilst Diana took the girls to Pleasurewood Hills, the "American-style" theme park close to Lowestoft. It turned out to be a warm and sunny day which let them enjoy the experience and let me get on.

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Wednesday 2nd June 1993

A quieter warm but showery day in Horning, walking Sam and then driving on to Potter Heigham to look at fishing tackle. A family lunch at The Old Tea Shoppe in Horning village and then back to work on the store room. 

Then walking Sam again as the girls went roller skating again. England lost their world cup qualifying match 2-0 to Norway.

Sam was quieter this morning which meant that I had a slight lay in and was woken with a cup of morning tea. The day started fine and sunny and I got quite warm giving Sam his early walk. Diana opened up all of the windows and doors expecting this warmth to continue but the sky clouded over and it started raining later on. We opted to spend most of the time at Harnser having a rest, but Diana and I did go out in the morning, collected our bed cover from dress-maker Jean and then drove on to Potter Heigham so that I could have a better look at fishing tackle. .

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Tuesday 1st June 1993

A family trip to Norwich and there to agree the purchase of a used Discovery with Mann Egerton accepting my old Range Rover in part exchange.

This after taking Sam for a visit to Chapelfield Veterinary Partnership where the lady vet took a look at him and diagnosed that he had contracted a virus infection for which tablets were proscribed. Then a meal this evening for Di and I at Mr Chann's Chinese Restaurant.

I had left Sam's kennel door open giving access to his run and this gave me cause for regret this morning as he was awake early and whining for his food. Up, ready and out with him and back in time for breakfast. To Norwich as soon as we could manage afterwards and there we had a quick coffee break in Jarrolds before Diana went off shopping, the girls went to the library and I took Sam to the Chapelfield Veterinary Partnership where the lady vet took a look at him and diagnosed that he had contracted a virus infection. She dispensed four antibiotic tablets, to be given every other day, which was to last a week and I will have to bring him back after then to see if he is responding to the treatment.

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