Friday 24th January 1992

Steve Bloom joined me for a day trip to Heronshaw and the Paxton Princess which was delayed by problems with delivery of my new Howard Hayle rope cutters. Upon arrival in Horning, we still collected the boat and took it to Barnes Brinkcraft and they lifted it out for us to do some scraping and sanding of the rubbing strakes. Home to Paxton for a couple of hours with the family before bedtime.

Up very early at 6.00am, worried that Steven would arrive fifteen minutes later and catch me not being ready. I need not have worried as he had overslept and did not arrive until three quarters of an hour later. By this time, I had loaded up the Range Rover to be all ready to go and we set off for Bar Hill. There was disappointment that the cutters had not arrived. We were advised to wait a while and so ate a hearty breakfast at the nearby Little Chef before returning to find them still not there. We pre-occupied ourselves with trying to load up the new P.C. Maritime Wayplan charts but found that they had either sent the wrong ones or that the installation programme was faulty.

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Thursday 23rd January 1992

Another busy office day of press and political telephone calls after my new routine of reading the papers early on, which reported my efforts on behalf of the museum and the Little Paxton Nature Reserve.

A lively special Little Paxton Parish Planning meeting discussing Cosy Corner and Bydand Lane plans for development after I had featured the issues in my Focus newsletters!

I achieved quite a lot today, but it was slightly spoiled by me not receiving the Harold Hayles Spurs that I wanted to take across to Norfolk tomorrow. At least I managed to contact Securicor and, if the package arrives overnight, I would be able to collect it from their Bar Hill, Cambridge, depot early on our way through. My new routine of reading the papers and then, once Diana left for a morning shopping and slimming in St Neots, I settled down to some telephone calls. I first briefed Steven on my planned trip to Norfolk tomorrow and he agreed to come with me.

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Wednesday 22nd January 1992

Leaving Di to the normal school panic with the girls on a bitterly cold day, I developed and copied my Heronshaw plans for Steve Bloom and Nigel to discuss with contractors and met them both accordingly.

Then to prepare for two District Council meetings on Local Government Reorganisation. Good news from New Zealand where the England cricket team have won the first Test.

The normal helter-skelter of a school day and I tried to stay out of the last-minute panics as Diana got the girls ready. She is taking both Debbie and Della to school in the cold and icy weather, particularly as Debbie has had a cold and she has to take Della anyway. I sat and read the national newspapers for once and then resumed work in my office at 9.00am which I am trying to establish as a routine. Then a hurry to prepare and copy my Heronshaw plans for Steven Bloom who was collecting them to take to show his friend Derek who owns a wood-machining firm in Norwich.

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Tuesday 21st January 1992

Still very tired at the start of a very cold day with a chill northerly wind, we drive to Cambridge after dropping Della off at school, then drop off print cartridges for refilling and still made Eadon Lilley's in time for coffee with Charles and Norma, with Charles much better after recent illness.

A healthy lunch in the Cambridge Theatre Roof Garden Restaurant after which we returned Della’s wheelchair to the Red Cross. I forwent our Town Council Group meeting and, instead, helped Debbie with her homework who was upset and struggling until then as I tried to spend more time with the family.

I was still very tired this morning and needed to get more sleep that I was allowed but I felt a little better for not taking the tablets. I telephoned for a doctor's appointment to square the situation with him next Monday. A little time to administer things and then Diana returned from dropping off Della at school and I drove her to Cambridge. We delivered my spent toner cartridges to the Supercharge depot for re-charging and still made Eadon Lilley's in time for coffee with Charles and Norma. Charles seems much better after his recent illnesses, and it was nice to see them there. The rest of the morning shopping on my own and with Diana. We found a very good book about the French people, and I scanned a number of bookshops.

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