Tuesday 14th May 1991

Servicing the many and varied needs of the aftermath of the election campaign after taking Di for our customary visit to see her parents in Cambridge for coffee.  Then more Meetings and Mayor-making, coordinating the Tory and LibDem efforts to organise the Town Council and then taking over the Chair of the first meeting of the new Village Hall Committee

Today, I continued the struggle to try and catch up my work whilst servicing the many and varied needs of the aftermath of the election campaign. Some little time trying to update my journal before breakfast and then away to Cambridge with Diana for our regular Tuesday morning visit. We parked in the Round Church car park as usual and walked to Eadon Lilley's coffee shop to have morning drinks with Di's parents. They were surprised to see us for a second week running as I bought them both coffee and a scone to share.

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Monday 13th May 1991

Political Manoeuvring to resolve our St Neots Town Councillor problem, then much more plain sailing to agree the District Council representations and finally to see how well the Little Paxton Guides had portrayed the Village history after my recent talk to them. I had every pleasure in judging them fit for the award of their Heritage badges.

After the restful peace of yesterday, today saw us back at the heart of the local election aftermath. First, I was rather late to get up and dressed, but then I tended the conservatory fish and plants before getting ready for my meeting in Huntingdon. I drove to Pathfinder House and joined the meeting of political group leaders in the Chief Executive, Tony Gee's office. Derek Holley was representing the Conservative Group who are in a vast majority and Jim Lomax was representing Labour, who have five seats like the Liberal Democrats. We quickly agreed the disposition of standing committee places and then tackled the question of sub-committees, panels and working parties. I made a plea for less of them being classified as working parties or, if they remain so, then a further plea that the important ones be made large enough so that they can be representative (i.e. have Liberal Democrats on them).

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Sunday 12th May 1991

A quietish Sunday that started with a fine breakfast but then continued with a tricky visit from Tony and Teresa Carmedy where I sought their discretion until after Wednesday. Then to visit Dad's grave at the cemetery for some peaceful thought.

This evening, a few phone calls to make and receive so as to plan before meeting the other political group leaders in the morning and one received from Steve Bloom for the first time in ages.

It was still warm and sunny today and I had a bit of a quiet time between tasks. A little lay in and then I found Diana in bed with me and so we stayed together a while before breakfast. I was showered, shaved and dressed by the time breakfast was ready and also managed to wash my hair as it was itchy after I got it cut yesterday. A nice meal that Diana had cooked, and we all enjoyed it although poor Della seems to be sickening for something. After the meal, I tended the conservatory fish and doves outside and enjoyed a little time out there as it was so still and warm. Then to the swimming pool which I gave a good vacuum to as I had the chance. I was just finishing this off when Tony and Teresa Carmedy came round to see me after I was trying to get hold of him yesterday.

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Saturday 11th May 1991

Leading the successful Political Manoeuvring over the committee places on the Huntingdonshire District and St Neots Town Council, sorting out the former and helping Sally and Michael with the latter. A particular problem with one of our elected members, Tony Carmedy, who revealed a criminal record which would disqualify him from office and so I proposed a deal with the unaware Tories which would not need a vote yet would get Michael Pope as Mayor regardless.  Another nice sunny day and I wish I could have done more work and got nearer my boat than be running round after everyone

I had heard from Jim Lomax, the District Council Labour leader, who was now back from holiday and we had discussed the tactics for allocating the opposition committee and working party seats on the District Council. I will be pressing Derek Holley for larger committees and working parties so that the political minorities can both have a seat on the more important of them but, if not, we have roughly agreed a satisfactory division of them, now we both have equal group numbers. We are still keen on working together as a combined opposition to the vastly numerically superior Tory majority party despite their best attempts to divide us. Whilst still dozing in bed with my morning tea, Sally Guinee called having had some difficulty in putting together the structure of the Town Council committees ahead of this afternoon's meeting of Sally and Michael with the Tories.

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