Monday August 17th 1992

Off to get an immediate supply of sand, cement, colouring and plasticiser for the roofers as  Daniel visits and joins the family to Wroxham for our morning drinks and snacks and then to see a film and then Steve as well in The Jolly to Piccasso's Pizza this evening.

A showery day today that was frustrating for everyone, but the roofers still ridged the road-side hip and one of the dormers.

A steady start today and saw Diana and the girls before I was out and up to Heronshaw to get dressed and shaved. A little time to start on my alarm wiring but then all the men arrived including the roofers who wanted an immediate supply of sand, cement, colouring and plasticiser. I dropped everything and, taking the trailer, emptied it at the civic amenity tip and then collected the materials from Jewsons on the way back. Returned just as Daniel arrived and, pausing to talk to the worker who was cutting back the lane vegetation for the Residents' Association, I then took the family to Wroxham for our morning drinks and snacks.

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Sunday August 16th 1992

A more relaxing day away from the building work and so family visits to The Horning Tea Shoppe, Latham’s at Potter Heigham and then a walk along the riverside chalets there. Daniel he would be coming to see us tomorrow but had let the swimming pool go green!

I had a bit of a lay in this morning and needed it after a week of early starts. It did mean, however, that I could not get any work done because, being Sunday, I was planning to spend some time with the family. We went first to Horning Tea Shoppe where we had a nice drink and snack (all except Della who was naughty and had to spend the time in the car) and then drove off in search of somewhere nice for Sunday lunch.

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Saturday August 15th 1992

This was a busy buying day after I had finished off most of the security system wiring. There was a load of materials delivered from Jewson and others and it was quite a sweat checking off and putting away things from all three of these suppliers.

A little late for an impatient Diana for our meal at Mr Chan's Chinese Restaurant. Home after a late night walk around Horning, back to The Paxton Princess and an earlier night than of late.

I was first awake again and, after breakfast on my own, out to do some work before the others were about. I finished most of the main security alarm wiring and then made out a list of the alarm components that we needed in order to wire up the system. After 10.00am, I went out with Diana and the girls, and we tried to find out where the security firm was based but it took us some time to find it with Diana navigating. Some very good prices for cash and then on to look at electrical equipment when I eliminated B & Q from my considerations and opted to buy all of the things from Eyre Electrical.

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Friday August 14th 1992

After a very wet night and morning, the roofers laid more tiles by the end of day which marked the 7th complete week of building. Dave just had Steve for company for most of the day and they finished off the soffit on the front elevations, fixed the downstairs door and window frames and then covered in the front with battens and building paper. I then got in most of the wires for the security system whilst I got in most of the wires for the security system

A very wet night and it was still raining when I woke up and got dressed this morning. It then showered all day, interrupting the work. This despite a weather forecast that had the weather clearing up today. I was rather depressed today; partially because of the weather, but mainly over the time it was taking to get the building work done. By the end of the day, I was happier having taken stock and admired the finish that we are achieving and also taken a walk to see the new boathouse in context with others around. It makes Mr Howlett's look positively like a doll's boathouse and the new large red pantiles and internal king-post trusses make ours very substantial and huge in bulk although the eaves overhang, dormers and hips give a rounded and friendly shape.

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