Tuesday 5th March 1991

A busy day accommodating alterations to our FOCUS newsletter editions at the suggestion of my LibDem colleagues and then accompanying Diana on a trip to Cambridge to meet up with her parents at Eadon Lilly’s but also to drop off the copy to Glisson Road for printing. I bought a new cordless/answering machine telephone whilst there and reorganised my office upon my return, giving the St Neots Museum Committee meeting a miss.

I joined Diana on a trip to Cambridge this morning after a hectic start to the day. I had everyone calling me between 7.00am and 8.00am with their suggestions and alterations to our newsletter. My idea for the morning was to do a few chores at the same time as our visit such as collecting my dress suite for the dinner on Thursday and dropping off the completed and amended FOCUS artwork for the task of getting it printed. We delivered the material first but were still in time to meet up with Diana's parents for morning coffee at Eadon Lilley's.

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Monday 4th March 1991

Apart from a valuable couple of hours spent briefing my new gardener, the day was occupied laying out the text and changing and printing out the results of my new FOCUS newsletter versions so that Percy could then proof-read and distribute drafts for comment, missing the Kimbolton School Society meeting in the process.

News of Major making a flying visit to Kuwait City now that the Crown Prince is back in occupation with the skyline masked by a great pall of smoke from the fired oil wells

I got Di to wake me with a call me early today and was up, showered, hair-washed and dressed well before breakfast. Then to the conservatory to tend my plants and fish and to still leave time to update my journal before the first meal of the day with the family. I was quickly down to work on my FOCUS this morning, laying out the text and changing and printing out the results.

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Sunday 3rd March 1991

After a whole family breakfast, I spent the day alternating between working on the FOCUS newsletters and preparing the floor of The Hayling View for the carpet-fitters to work the next day. The floors were ready by the end of this, but the FOCUS editions needed much more work. The anglers were active opposite on quite a nice day with a coolish breeze.

I was up for my normal Sunday breakfast which we ate this week as a complete family. I took Daniel a cup of tea at 8.00am just to make sure that he was up as well! After this, I updated this last couple of days' journals and I did so at my portable computer for once, as Daniel was using my Mac to print out some of his university work. I then worked on the FOCUS advertising supplements in the morning and Derek Giles came round with the last possible additions to these and then helped me finish them off.

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Saturday 2nd March 1991

A long working day, driving to Norfolk, organising an auto-pilot installation on Paxton Princess as I collected it from Barnes and took it home to Horning. Then a hectic day working on the garage before a mad scramble to pack up and collect Daniel from UEA who came with me back to Paxton, shared a meal on the way and helped me unload once home.

I had planned to get up early this morning and I did not do too badly, rising at just after 6.00am. I had a quick shower and shave and then snatched a bowl of cereal and glass of apple juice but, by the time I had loaded up the car and made ready to leave, it was after 7.00am. Being Saturday morning, the roads were pretty clear to start with and I made a fast trip to Norfolk. Just into that county boundary however, I ran into quite a bit of fog which made things a little dangerous and, then, as I approached Norwich, the traffic appeared. I stopped off at Barnes boat yard in Wroxham and saw that the boat was all right and back in the water with all of the jobs done. As there was no-one around, I drove on to Horning and saw that Mr Lincoln had wreaked even more damage to the trees and had begun to in-fill the area for use, I believe, as a car park. It was still a bit foggy then, but I took some photographs later for planning evidence.

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