Tuesday 17th September 1991

After a frustrating start to the day, I serviced the conservatory and swimming pool and liaised with the gardener before Mr Haggar came to change our kitchen light fitting and he told me about some old things found Edie Smith's old house in the School Cottage row.

Later to see Derek Giles and reject his latest Gypsy plan and was irritated that he misses meetings and then raises matters outside them. Some time circulating a wealth of papers to other group leaders and party activists.

Then chairing my last Village Hall Committee after I had insisted that they choose a new Chairman now that Alan Cromack no longer was available. It was a good meeting with some new ideas for social events and fund-raising for next year

I was again tired this morning after yet another late night which made me even more frustrated about last night. I was slow to rise but made a point of getting down to the breakfast table to see the girls off to school and they went off quite happily. Attended to the conservatory and then the swimming pool where the non-operation of the heater had allowed the temperature to fall to only 74degC rather than the 82degC which the girls normally expect. Went out also to give the gardener his money and saw him erecting the greenhouse in its new position and had to have a chat about the current gardening priorities. I asked him to keep on top of the rose deadheading on a daily basis even if he gets involved in larger projects such as the compost-heap re-organisation etc.

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Monday 16th September 1991

This dull and drizzly day was better for both daughters going off to school happily and doing well there. Nigel dropped in with some disturbing news about Katie and the KSS from which I would now resign. I sat and relaxed in front of the TV to diffuse my ill temper and then went to bed far too late again.

The Tory press are baiting Neil Kinnock now that his party is down five points in the opinion polls and Attempts at European mediation in the Yugoslavian crisis are torpedoed by the continued fighting

I was tired this morning after the late night but still managed to get down from breakfast before the girls had gone. Della was doing her shivering act whilst getting dressed and then was worried about being sick and wetting herself before going to school, but she went off without crying as an improvement on last week! Diana came back from the bus stop for another coffee to soothe herself as I read this morning's papers and mail. I then settled down to reconcile my finances and then finish off updating my journal whilst Di went into St Neots to do some shopping.

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Sunday 15th September 1991

A recovery day at home, resolving to resume my diet after being some 10/11lbs heavier than I was earlier this year. I still washed and leathered Daniel’s car ready to be viewed by a potential purchaser and then did the same for my Rolls Royce and watched some television later and sat with Della until she slept after she was worried about going back to school. The LibDems surged in the opinion polls to 16% after our conference.

I slept very well for the second night running as I caught up on the last few days. After showering and getting dressed, I started tending to the plants and fish and completely swept out the conservatory before doing the watering. Soon our traditional fried breakfast to add to those we had eaten during the week and, although Diana is no match for the hotel chefs, I expressed my appreciation. I now weigh in at 14st 8lbs which is some 10/11lbs heavier than I was earlier this year and so I am back on a diet.

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Saturday 14th September 1991

Yet another sunny day to firstly share the gardening chores with Bill, then complete the administration for retrieving my Reliant’s CJW 986 registration number and then visiting Mum in Stanton and Freda in Redgrave.

They seem to be reconciled to doing the alterations to accommodate Mum but are taking far too long in the process for our liking and expect me to pay. Turnover has increased from £1500 per week to £3700 now, which is good, but they are paying it all on wages!

Yet another sunny day started with the need to get Debbie off to school and for me to get some chores done. Bill was around this morning as he was not sure that we had arrived back, and we shared the morning chores before he left. Once he had gone, I was moved to do some more gardening and so dead-headed all the flowers and rose bushes before sweeping up the gall-wasp-deformed acorns from the riverside lawn where they had accumulated. I was not very pleased that these jobs had not been done during the week. Then I had a rush to respond to the acceptance of my offer for the re-purchase of the Reliant’ s original registration number CJW 986 as I had to send off by post all of the necessary documents so as they could arrive in Edinburgh on Monday.

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