Tuesday 20th January 1987

Forwent the normal Tuesday outing to Cambridge to carry on transcribing the Little Paxton Scrapbook but Diana still goes and sees her parents there. Two more directors of Morgan Grenfell resign over Guinness irregularities, a further radioactivity leak at Sellafield have exposed 12 workers, GCHQ have lost their human rights case for union representation and the BT dispute has 30,000 engineers suspended and 60,000 more on strike

A while before we slept last night, due to a few exertions, and then slept the sleep of the just. Awoke to a slightly milder day – rain was falling lightly and a slight thaw is in progress. Had breakfast on my own again, the family having already eaten theirs, and then went straight to my office to continue the transcription of the Little Paxton scrap book. First I had to organise my diskettes and made back-up copies of the work I had done so far, for safety. Then the morning typing in descriptions and details of the contents of the scrap book, working on until 1.00pm, before making myself lunch. No sign of Diana before then and so I made a salmon salad and cup of tea to drink.

Monday 19th January 1987

My meeting with Mr Forscutt being this afternoon, I spent this morning and evening pouring over the treasure which was the Little Paxton Scrapbook and I agreed to buy a Canon portable photocopier from the salesman on the strength of it. More fascinating artefacts were forthcoming. Thousands free from an Iranian advance on Basra, more revelations about Guinness and a power struggle in China head the news.

Slept well, if somewhat fitfully, thinking about the Little Paxton scrap book and the problem of transcribing it. Sat in bed a little while before being flushed out by Di, bed making, so that I had to get washed and dressed. The children had mostly eaten by this time, but I was there to see Daniel off and then Debbie. Dressed in my sports jacket and trousers, expecting to visit Mr Forscutt this morning, but was mistaken, as I could see from my diary the ‘date’ was for this afternoon. Worked all morning at a number of letters and bills to all and sundry and it was lunchtime before I had cleared most of them. A nice lunch with Di and Della, if somewhat fraught with the girl’s misbehaviour of late.

Sunday 18th January 1987

A very enlightening and motivating session with Mr Jack Ramply of Southoe, formerly of Grove Farm Little Paxton, who shared his historic scrap book with me that was first complied by Benjamin Inwards as a row is growing over the decision to suppress the BBC programme on a security surveillance project

To bed after midnight, but slept well to make up for it and was only awoken at 8.00am. Sat in bed with my morning tea and was disappointed to hear that the England cricket team had lost an evenly balanced 1-day match to Australia in the latest cup competition. They were tired in the field, after 2 days running temperatures of 100degF+. Quickly washed and dressed ready for breakfast of fried egg, bacon, mushrooms, bread and tomato and today the children were given a fried breakfast too and enjoyed it. To my office after and read the Sunday paper, before it was soon time to get ready for my trip to see Mr Jack Ramply. Quickly fed the doves and ducks and loaded up the car with my folders etc and set off for Southoe. Found his house (the last on the right hand side, at the top of the hill part of the church) and he greeted me in a friendly way and we settled down on the dining room table in front of a log fire.

Saturday 17th January 1987

Off to St Ives for the antique auction viewing after looking after Della in bed this morning and then back via Great Paxton to look at the old ferry site and then I heard from Jack Ramply today with an invitation to view his precious Scrap Book. This as The Argyle Group threatens to sue for foul play over the Guinness takeover and a whole series of knife attacks take place in Jerusalem, Wimbledon and Soho with a bomb attack killing 21 in Tehran as the Iraqis bomb Ayatollah Khomeini’s headquarters. Rumours emerge of the BBC being gagged over a secret government project

Sat up in bed with my tea this morning and called in Della to sit with me. She had taken all of her bed clothes off saying they were ‘too tight’ and was freezing. She will be taking her 2 ½ year assessment at the clinic in the coming week and I am sure she will hold her own against the other ‘totts’. To the shower and shaved then dressed for breakfast. I had checked Daniel’s room and was trying to get him to tidy it, when I found that he was already due to go out to catch his school bus – he has to go early on Saturdays. Sat reading the post in the kitchen, waiting for Di to get the girls ready for a trip to St Ives. The mail was disappointing – no cheque from Vinters, which annoyed me. I will have to wait until Monday to pay it in now. Put the burglar alarms on, fed the ducks and doves and then got ready to set off. Saw the new occupiers of 39 Gordon Road through their windows.