Sunday 10th February 1991

As Di and I start our diets, the snow means no riding for Debbie who plays with Della in the snow for a short while. The day for me spent on electronic navigation around the East Anglian coast with PC Wayplanner for which I also bought new charts and a current Almanac from L H Jones. More US air attacks are deemed necessary before a Gulf land offensive.

With the snow on the ground and just about everything cancelled, we had a nice lay in before tackling a fine fried breakfast. Despite this offering, Diana is determined to make me slimmer and remove this gross "tummy" that is hindering movement at the moment. I am struggling to get back below 14 stone but am pleased that she is applying the same rigours to her own weight and figure which means better health for her as well. No horse-riding for Debbie and so she was out with Della playing in the snow with sleds; but that did not last long as it is still bitterly cold.

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Saturday 9th February 1991

A day inside on a bitterly cold day with temperatures of -12.5degC, the coldest for four years which freeze the river and justify the use of our sled for once as the girls play out in the snow and Daniel bends his car again.

The plumber still attends to finish the piping in the Utility area and Mr Morbey fits the Sky Movie decoder for Di. The Gulf ground war seems close.

Another bitterly-cold day today as each day seems to get colder with temperatures of -12.5degC, the coldest for four years. The river is quite frozen, but never freezes beside our spring water outlet or downstream where other spring water drains out into the flow. The papers and post came this morning and I was pleased to receive the printer cable that was preventing the use of this new portable machine. No school for Debbie and so she was soon outside in the snow playing with Della and the Law children.

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Friday 8th February 1991

With even colder weather with -10degC temperatures and bad snow falling, the girls were off school and I relied upon my new cellular phone as the landlines were not working but the plumber and builders were still working. I invited Steve Bloom to come over and help run my new computer navigation software, but we needed East Coast charts and a printer cable. As the Allies pause and consult about a ground offensive, Arab support is waning and Jordan increasingly supporting Iraq.

The snow was bad and still falling this morning and the main concern was whether the girls could go to school this morning. We listened to the local radio stations and did not learn about Kimbolton and Little Paxton in this way, but then telephoned to find out that Debbie was free for the day and could have the day off. Similarly, Diana took Della along to school and brought her back again when she found the school closed. We also had trouble with the telephones as the lines went dead as the exchanges were over-loaded and I had to bring in my cellular telephone from the car.

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Thursday 7th February 1991

Amongst more snow and very cold weather, the builders worked on and I set off to collect my new ‘laptop’ from Longstanton and then loaded it with ‘Wayplanner’ software later. After tea, out to a Parish Council as Downing Street mortar bombed this evening by the IRA

Snow flurries this morning and the continuation of the very cold weather that has been coming from the continent. The girls were still able to go to school, Diana was out doing her Waitrose shopping and so I was alone in the house where I had to tend to the builders. They were plastering the new utility room and then laying the brick plinth to support the outside sink. I worked at my desk for a while and then got news that my new laptop portable computer was available for collection and so set off to get it. I collected a Building Society cheque from St Neots on the way and then found Tansley Micro Systems in Longstanton and made the exchange. Managed to get home for lunch and spent the afternoon commissioning the "laptop" and loading up the Wayplanner navigation software.

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