Wednesday 30th January 1991

As the weather continued cold, chilly and quite dull, I worked sweeping leaves later but first accompanied Diana to the doctor to have her ears, nose and throat examined after constant infections and she will have a hearing test next week. Also some shopping for stationery and fishing tackle and a hair cut.

I cheered her up with a modest Little Chef meal as we are resuming diets ahead of our planned Summer US visit. A good LibDem meeting this evening to plan our forthcoming local elections.

News of the continuing battle of Al Khafgi, where some 5000 Iraqis and around 50 tanks took the Allies by surprise and occupied it

I was up quite early this morning for once having got to bed quite reasonably. Read the newspapers whilst waiting for the others to come for breakfast. The girls gone, I did a few chores at my desk and then got ready to go out with Diana. She had an appointment with the Doctor and wanted me to be there. We did the chores on the way out and then set the alarm again. It is performing very reliably now that I have worked on it, without a single false alarm so far. We had a little time to start shopping before the appointment and so went our individual ways and met up at the surgery.

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Tuesday 29th January 1991

An earlier start to tackle some Hayling View maintenance jobs today as Diana left for Cambridge; cutting up branches and then finishing my alarm changes.

Iraq were suffering land and sea attacks without their air cover as 100 of their planes are stored for safety in Iran. London club Brookes of St James's was damaged by a bomb as the Gulf-related terrorist campaign begins

A better night's sleep which allowed me to get up at a reasonable time this morning. I still had to have breakfast on my own, but I did see the girls off to school. Diana left for some shopping in Cambridge today, but I had a meeting with my electrician about the work for our hall/utility area. Coffee, a check on the news, and then the rest of an extended morning working on the alarm system upstairs and down. I made my own lunch and then went out to do my chores. Had several calls today on council business.

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Monday 28th January 1991

I donated my time early on another dull and cold day today with just fifteen minutes of sun to clear up the rubbish from our recycling site and then I bought a new soldering iron and some other materials with which to repair my alarm system.

Time also for a satisfying Council meeting of leaders to agree representation after our recent election victories. The continuing Gulf War news is of the growing oil slick on the one hand and the mass exodus of Iraqi war planes to Iran on the other

It was another late night again and I was tired this morning. After breakfast, I went down to the Anchor car park and loaded the Range Rover up with a variety of cardboard boxes and other rubbish that had been littering the vicinity of our bottle and can banks. I stopped off at the St Neots Amenity Tip and disposed of all this and then I drove the car through the car wash as, with this dull and damp weather, the bodywork was in a disgusting state. I also went to an electrical wholesaler in Eynesbury and got a new soldering iron and some other materials with which to start my work on the alarm system.

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Sunday 27th January 1991

Taking Debbie to her horse-riding in Staughton from which she went off with a friend on a "riding picnic", up to Little Paxton Cemetery to brighten Dad's grave up again with some daffodils, and getting Daniel’s help for neighbour, Hilary Knightley, with her microcomputer problem before an afternoon of television sport.

The small boys were here again, coming to gaze at the fish and feed them. This evening, I got down to working on the alarm wiring in the new utility room and ended up documenting the entire system. The main pre-occupation in the Gulf is with the growing oil slick which still threatens the regions drinking water by clogging the Gulf sea-water intakes of its de-salination

I was very late to bed after watching programmes on satellite TV and so I was pleased to be getting more time in bed this morning. Just about got down in time for a nice fried breakfast with the girls but Daniel was somewhat later still. This morning, I took Debbie to her horse-riding in Staughton and she went off with a friend on a "riding picnic". She enjoyed this but got rather cold in the process. I then picked up some daffodils at a filling station and went up to Little Paxton Cemetery to brighten Dad's grave up again. Home to do my outside chores and then settle down for a coffee to warm up.

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