The day of the famous Brinks Matt Gold robbery spent reading our mentions in the press before skating and swimming with Daniel, Gary and friends and walking Debbie to the swings and having a family lunch as Diana still stays mostly in bed and I read local history books.

A slow start to the day as I lay in reading the Economist. In the latter the Byte Shop are mentioned after the journalist’s brief contact with Peter King. Daniel off as usual to school but today went after with Gary and friends to a birthday afternoon of ice skating, swimming and lunch/tea both at McDonalds. In mid- morning I take Debbie for a walk (‘the muddy way’ at her insistence) to the playing field swings and Diana later brings the car to join us. After to St Neots for grocery provisions from KeyMarkets and to the bank to pay in my £1800-odd pay cheque and withdraw £50 cash. Off together then for our normal Saturday lunch at “The Happy Eater” before returning home for an afternoon’s relaxation in front of the television watching a good variety of sport; motor racing, rugby league, snooker and more.

Today £25million worth of gold bars were stolen from a Brinks-Matt security warehouse at Heathrow Trading Estate. A £2million reward has been offered. An NGA stoppage today meant that no newspapers were published today and tomorrows will not be available either.

The day mild but spitting with rain from time to time until this evening turned into quite a drizzle.

This evening reading C. F. Tebbutt’s “St Neots – History of a Huntingdonshire Town” and Dorothy Summers “The Great Ouse – The History of a River Navigation” and watching a television film (“The Survivor”) about a Pilot surviving alone from an air crash and investigating its crashing. The ducks, though being amply fed and husbanded morning and night have still not resumed laying and I am beginning to fear that they will not. Diana is improving slowly but still spends most of the day in bed