An afternoon swimming at the hotel pool and an enjoyable game of Crazy Golf

A more relaxing day at The Anaheim Shopping Plaza, before an afternoon swimming at the hotel pool and an enjoyable game of Crazy Golf and an evening in watching a TV movie - "The Kindergarten Cop" – whilst sharing a giant-sized cheese pizza.

We enjoyed a lay in this morning as we had decided to have a more relaxed day. We did not rise until 8.00am and it was after 10.00am before we were at Coco's for breakfast, missing the morning rush by being late this time. Then on to the so-called "Anaheim Shopping Plaza" where we spent the rest of the morning shopping. These Plazas are weird places to be. For a Saturday morning, there were hardly any shoppers around and it was difficult to see how the shops can make any money. I bought a book on Word 4 and another historical novel on Virginia Indians.

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We took an ice cream each and then got back to the hotel for an early afternoon's swimming in the hot sunshine. All except me went in the pool, but I stayed by the pool in the shade and read a Los Angeles newspaper. Once the family had showered and changed, I took them off to lunch at Nicki's (an even better family restaurant that we had found) and then we went to the Crazy Golf afterwards at Katella/W. Friedman and played a round which I won and Diana came second. We all enjoyed the game tremendously. Back to the hotel this evening where we watched a TV movie - "The Kindergarten Cop" - and we ordered and ate a giant size Cheese Pizza that was brought to our room by a local vendor. Then I watched the televised baseball game between Orange County Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers which the dodgers seemed to be winning 3-1 (with runs scored by a player called Strawberry) when I had to turn off the TV so that we could all go to sleep.